Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Emergent: Nothing new under the sun

I am still trying to figure out what it means to be Emergent. Even those in the Emergent Village don't seem to know. It looks very similar to things we have seen in the past. There are even parallels to 2nd century Gnosticism. One of the arguments I see given by the Emergents against those who are anti-Emergent is something like this, "Well, you just don't understand us because you haven't experienced what we are experiencing." So, it is sort of a "secret" knowledge that only the enlightened can understand? Can we say, "Gnostic?" Another idea that has been thrown around is that objective truth is not authoritative. What makes truth authoritative is one's experience of it. Rudolph Bultmann would have loved these guys. Perhaps these guys would have loved Bultmann's teaching as well. I don't know. Recently, Johnny asked one of these leaders to answer two very important questions.

1. Has Jesus Christ come in the flesh?
2. Is Jesus Christ the only way to heaven?

Johnny is still waiting on a response. Recently, on a Challies blog, the leader in question actually joined the comment thread. He ignored Johnny. What seems important to the Emergent Village is that we have a "conversation." It seems that what you believe isn't really that important, just join the conversation. The only problem is that it is a perpetual conversation. It never gets anywhere. A conversation that doesn't get anywhere is not a conversation, it's rambling. And I want no part of that.

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Rev.J. Theodore Helms said...

Scott, excellent observations and comparisons. I want no more of the conversation myself.