Friday, May 05, 2006

Together for the Gospel

Here is a recent post from the T4G blog by Ligon Duncan:

We long to see a renewal of the old evangelical alliances, around the
Gospel, and a strong coalition of Bible-saturated, truth-driven, God-entranced,
prayer-soaked, aggressively evangelistic, Christ-treasuring, Christ-exalting,
Spirit-filled, sovereign grace-loving, missions-advancing, hell-robbing,
strong-thinking, real-need-exposing, soul-winning, mind-engaging,
vagueness-rejecting, wartime-life-style-pursuing, self-denying, self-giving,
risk-taking, justice-advancing, Scripture-expounding, cross-cherishing,
homosexuality-opposing, abortion-denouncing, racism-resisting, heaven-desiring,
imputation-of-an-alien righteousness-proclaiming,
justification-by-faith-alone-apart-from-doing preaching, error-exposing,
complementarian, joyful, humble, loving, courageous, happy pastors working
together for the Gospel. (Thanks to John Piper for so many of these words and

I couldn't have said it better...not even close!

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