Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Even so, come quickly, Lord Stanley

Excitement is brewing here in the state of North Carolina. Something is on the verge of happening that has never happened before. North Carolinians are one game away from celebrating its first professional sports championship. If things keep going the way they are, it will come in an unlikely sport for many. When one thinks of North Carolina, they think of basketball or maybe football. However, if the Carolina Hurricanes win one more game, hockey's greatest treasure will find its way to the Tar Heel State. A recent news program described what happens after a team wins the coveted Stanley Cup. The cup will actually make its rounds throughout the next year, presumably all over the state. Thousands upon thousands of people will flock to see Lord Stanley's Cup with the hope of even getting to touch it. The adoration many have for this piece of silver is almost scary. I was thinking this morning, "Will hockey fans show more excitement over Lord Stanley's Cup than Christians do over Lord Jehovah's Christ?" What if those in the church were as excited over the possibility of seeing their Savior, not just when He comes again, but every week when we come before Him in worship. John Piper has said that the most religious section of any newspaper is the sports section. It is filled with all kinds of glory language. Can't the church "out-glory" the sports world? What would happen if we flocked to our Lord like the hockey worshippers flocked to Lord Stanley and his marvelous cup. Certainly we have more to celebrate than a championship in the NHL. Are we celebrating? Are we pushing and clamoring week in and week out, day in and day out, to get a glimpse of our Savior in our gathered worship and in our prayer life and Bible study? I'm afraid we have much to learn from hockey fans.

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