Tuesday, October 10, 2006

"Hollywood Hilarity"

In our paper today in the "People" section there is a quote from a young actress who exemplifies the mind-set not only of Hollywood but much of the liberal, confused and godless world we inhabit. "Scarlett Johansen says that while monogamy might go against instinct, she's happy in her relationship with boyfriend and 'Black Dahlia' co-star Josh Harnett." Isn't the term "instinct" as used here usually applied to animals? Isn't the term monogamy usually applied to marriage? Well, no, as a matter of fact, it isn't any longer. Homosexual "couples" often refer to their brief relationships as monogamous so I guess those who choose to "co-habitate" can do the same. Monogamous has been redefined to mean "one at a time," so when the Hollywood sweethearts break-up and go to live with someone else each occurence of co-habiting is considered monogamous. Many homosexual couples live together for a long time while having multiple partners as well, yet they still want to call their long term relationship monogamous. Monogamy has been so seriously redefined till a series of broken relationships is referred to as "serial monogamy." It is still monogamy, you understand.

Ms. Johansson has more words of Hollywood wisdom: "I get tested for HIV twice a year...One has to be socially aware. It's part of being a decent human, to be tested for STD's. It's just disgusting behavior when people don't. It's so irresponsible." Why does one have to be tested for STD's and HIV twice a year? Could it be that the real irresponsible behavior is what is making one concerned about getting an STD? She is correct in saying that she should be tested twice a year but does she honestly think that testing is the same as preventing? Is she so blind that she actually believes that testing is a cure? Ms. Johansson, when you get tested for an STD or HIV and you discover that you have one or the other or both (one meaning any one of 25 STD's now known to exist) it may be a wee bit too late to tell your latest monogamous lover. Telling him will not at this point prevent him from contracting what you have passed on. It would be like telling someone firing a pistol into a crowd who has already hit several people that firing a gun into a crowd is dangerous and could possibly injure or kill someone. "Oh, okay. I'll quit then or at least I'll be more careful when firing into crowds. I'll go back to the store where I purchased my gun and have it tested twice a year. After all it's like Tom Cruise's character said in "Collateral," "I shot him but it was the bullets that killed him." And, Ms. Johansson, considering that there are incurable STD's out there among the "rich and the famous" and the "young and the beautiful," I would try to find an alternative to promiscuity, whooooops, I mean monogamy.

"Follywood" is a sad place. The mind-set of Scarlett Johansson prevails among a group of talented people who are starved for something and who have turned to sexual immorality and drugs and diets and riches and fame and false gods to satisfy that insatiable hunger. The gods of Follywood are obviously false as they lead their adherents to a deeper and darker insanity (think Tom Cruise). Sexual immorality and drugs and diets and riches and fame are empty things themselves and can never satisfy a spiritually starving person. The choice of words by Ms.Johansson, "instinct," tells us immediately that these folks have "exchanged the truth of God for the lie." "Professing to be wise, they became fools, and changed the glory of the incorruptible God into an image made like corruptible man-and birds and four-footed animals and creeping things" (Rom.1:22-23).

Ms. Johannson says that "one has to be socially aware." I guess if one is a threat to society one needs to be socially aware. I am glad that Ms. Johannson is at least responsible enough to get herself tested twice a year. If the doctore should ever tell her that she has contracted an STD maybe then she will decide that serial monogamy isn't such a good way to live. Promiscuity is a threat to society.

And why does she live this way? Why do millions of people choose to live this way as well? Simply because they are spiritually dead and separated from the true God. They have no choice, really. They are choosing to live a very decadent and depraved lifestyle that is within the realm of possible lifestyles they can choose, all within the sphere of death. Some of those who are spiritually dead choose a more sensible way to live, a more moral way. But, nevertheless, even this moral, higher lifestyle is still within the sphere of death and corruption. Apart from the grace of God bringing one to Jesus Christ, this is all there is. Apart from the grace of God all lifestyles are lived in vain.

Ms. Johansson is a beautiful and probably very talented young actress but beauty and talent and celebrity do not make one wise or intelligent or right; pride never does.

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