Monday, January 29, 2007

Lifeway, Homosexuals, and Hypocrites

It seems that Lifeway Christian Stores may once again be showing the hypocrisy at the top of our Southern Baptist Convention. Ethics (as reported by the Baptist Standard of Texas) is reporting that Lifeway may need to look at their own shelves before they point to retailers such as Wal-Mart and their "pro-gay" authors. The report states,

"Baptist Press last week bemoaned that Wal-Mart is "still dabbling" in support of "the homosexual agenda," despite warnings of a boycott by religious conservatives. A writer challenged readers to type the word "gay" into the search engine for Wal-Mart's online bookstore, reporting that more than 1,000 titles turn up.

On Friday
Paul Proctor at followed two earlier columns warning about Christian book sites that promote authors who are "heretics and false teachers" with a similar challenge.

"[I]f you go to the website, click on the Master List, scroll down to the section subtitled, 'Homosexual/Lesbian/ Transgendered/Pro-gay,' and enter each of the names listed there into the Southern Baptist Convention's search engine, (select keyword: 'author')," Proctor said, "you will find numerous examples of the double-standard that continues unabated in the online Christian bookstore industry." did just that, counting 13 of 32 authors on the
Christian Research Service list in LifeWay's product database."

This is a problem indeed, but it is no surprise. Walk into any Lifeway store and you will find book after book by heretic Brian McLaren, "smiling" motivational speaker Joel Osteen, and many others who propagate a false gospel. The report continues:

In October Proctor reported that LifeWay removed about 14 books on yoga and Eastern mysticism from its cyber-shelves after hearing from Christian Research Service Director Bud Press and customer complaints.

But these books are still for sale:

The Joy of Being Wrong: Original Sin Through Easter Eyes and Raising Abel: The Recovery of the Eschatological Imagination by James Alison. Alison, a gay Catholic priest, is also author of Faith Beyond Resentment: Fragments Catholic and Gay.

The report goes on to list many more such titles and author's still found on the shelves of the bookstore that is supposed to represent the most biblical denomination in the country. When will we wake up? When will people of the book begin to actually care about what the book says?

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bnablogger said...

from Big Daddy Weave blog
Big Daddy Weave said...
Lifeway has responded. From Mainstream Baptists... improving efforts
to filter questionable titles from third-party distributor’s list is enhancing its efforts to ensure that questionable books are filtered out of a massive list of titles available online through its third-party distributor. In fact, the third-party distributor makes 130,000 titles available to LifeWay, while adding sometimes as many as 1,000 new titles each week. includes only about 100,000 of these titles, having eliminated nearly 25 percent of the books for a variety of reasons, most often because of inappropriate content, according to Mark Scott, vice president of the Christian stores division of LifeWay Christian Resources. In addition, LifeWay filters the titles electronically based on information from publishers and the reputation of authors and publishers for producing biblically-based material. Every week, dozens of inappropriate titles are removed successfully. And, says Scott, the electronic filtering and human-review processes are being improved to meet the high volume of new books hitting the Christian retail market.

“Even so, no system is perfect, and because we’re human and make mistakes, a few inappropriate titles occasionally make it through our filtering system and onto the online list,” says Scott. “When we become aware of these titles – often through an email from a customer – we investigate them, and if we confirm them to be inappropriate, we remove them immediately.”

That’s what happened this week as several Web logs reported that was offering a number of pro-homosexual titles. “We checked it out immediately and found that, in fact, several titles did appear on our third-party distributor’s list,” says Scott. “We were unaware of these and removed the titles immediately. We appreciate it when such titles are brought to our attention and we invite our customers to contact us if they discover titles or authors about which they are concerned. Our customers place a high degree of trust in us to provide biblically sound resources. We value that trust and strive to maintain it.” also will be providing “Read with Discernment” tags on certain titles that are requested for scholarly study but may not appropriate for a broader Christian audience. ”Many of the titles available through the distributor are made available for critical study or research so that pastors, seminary students and ministry leaders have access to material that helps them understand and develop responses to the diversity of religious thought in a postmodern world,” says Scott.

Scott Welch said...

I hope that Lifeway does change some things as far as the books they choose (or not choose) to carry. If this comment is accuarate, it goes to show that the only way changes will come is if God's people in the SBC speak up and hold Lifeway accountable. Remember, the SBC exist for the churches, not the churches for the SBC.