Monday, January 29, 2007

The SBC and the Present Apostasy

It is absolutely incredible that the SBC would be a leader in the apostasy foretold in Scripture. It is furthermore absolutely incredible that this would occur after the conservative takeover and not before. With the leaders of the SBC defending their Arminianism and defending it so poorly this apostasy should come as no surprise when one likewise considers the shallowness of the average Sunday sermon, the man-centered, unbiblical methods chosen by SBC leaders for evangelism and church-growth, the severe inconsistencies in their semi-pelagian preaching, and the filling of the pews with the unsaved. Furthermore, the distortions of Calvinism, the outright lies about SBC Calvinists, and the vitriolic rants against those who hold to the Reformed faith, serve to reveal the departure from the love of truth and the love for one another that are the distinguishing marks of the disciples of Christ.

Has the SBC resigned itself to being a leader in the apostasy? It appears that the answer is "yes." What has happened to the love of the Word of God that once was the outstanding characterisitic of the SBC? What has happened in the seminaries of the SBC that our pastors cannot tell the difference between what Rick Warren spews and what Dr. John McArthur preaches and teaches? What has happend that has brought about the Biblical illiteracy so prevalent in the SBC churches today? How can it be that the leaders of the SBC cannot see the heresy being propagated by Erwin McManus and Brian McLaren and Warren and Don Miller and Joyce Meyer and T.D. Jakes, all who have books on the shelves of Lifeway Christian Stores and the shelves of deceived SBC layman?

The multi-faceted yet singular answer to the present deception is the gospel of Jesus Christ being preached faithfully from the pulpits of our churches, being proclaimed by laymen of our churches at work and elsewhere, and the commitment to the preaching of the Word of God to the people of God by the God-called men of God who "have this ministry..." and "have renounced the hidden things of shame, not walking in craftiness nor handling the word of God deceitfully, but by manifestation of the truth commending ourselves to every man's conscience in the sight of God" (2Cor.4:1-2).

For those apostates now traversing the earth seeking whom they may devour, doing so "in the sight of God," there is no "fear of God" that keeps them on the straight and narrow. In these men and women who are actively deceiving and being deceived their does not appear to be saving faith, or else they would have remained in the truth, rejecting their heresies rather than rejecting the unadulterated Word of God.

How, Lord Jesus, can your servants who have served you in our life time now find that their is fellowship between light and darkness? How can your servants whom we have followed for all these years now suddenly in these last days stand beside the divisive heretics who are devastating the foundation laid by the prophets and the apostles? How is it that Kay Arthur and Josh McDowell and Charles Stanley and James Meredith and Ed Young and Ed Young, Jr. and Ronnie Floyd can stand beside and with men like McLaren and McManus and Warren and Copeland and Hinn and Duplantis? How is it, Lord, that we can disseminate teachings that deny your finished work on Calvary and the clear teachings of Your very nature as revealed in the blessed doctrine of the Trinity? I know how! Your Word has been telling us for thousands of years about the "fear of man" and the "love of money." Your Word has consistently warned us of those who bring "another gospel" and those who "please man." And instead of turning away from them, we have greeted them and welcomed them into our homes, partaking therefore of their evil deeds.

Is anyone in the SBC listening? And if they are, do they care? If they are no longer reading the Word of God, maybe they will read the blogs of godly men and women who have been consistently sounding the warning against the apostasy we find ourselves in at this present time. Maybe these "negative" blogs will get their attention somehow. Maybe some SBC leader will hear about the "ugly" things being said about them and visit one of these blogs. And maybe it will be that our Father, Son, and Holy Spirit will be merciful to them and grant them repentance that they might escape the snare of the devil whereby they are currently being held.

Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus.

Can you tell the difference between these two men?


bryan said...

i find it amusing how don miller gets accused of being a heretic. the dude might be politically more liberal than you like, but doctrinally he's actually a bit of a conservative.

btw, the difference between the two men in the picture is that one's in a suit and the other's not. they both have had wonderful ministries and have done well with the talents the Lord has given them.

Scott Welch said...

Here is a balanced review of Donald Miller's Blue Like Jazz over at 9Marks.

Miller Review

They point out that the Jesus Miller believes in is not the complete picture of what the Bible presents.