Friday, March 23, 2007

Emerging Dangers in the SBC?

Tom Ascol writes,

"Compare the damage being done to churches by the "emerging movement" to that which has already been done by Bible thumping, alcohol condemning, liberal hating, denominational boasting, Calvinist bashing conservatives. Simply do the math. Look at the membership-to-attendance ratios of the churches that are constantly being paraded as models within the SBC. When twice as many people are on the rolls as attend then "dripping with error" might be an apt description of what is going on."

He goes on to say that none of us are above critique. I would encourage you to read his entire article. The enemy to the gospel is not always what we think it might me (Believe it or not, there are FAR greater enemies to the gospel than alcohol!). What is being heralded as "Spirituality" in the SBC may in fact be piracy. Jack Sparrow would be proud. May God lead us to do the self-examination that Mr. Ascol is calling for.

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