Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Addendum: The Christian and Pornography

An essential for anyone struggling with pornography is the gift of God the Bible calls "repentance." As we converse with someone who is in "oppostion" we are to do so gently, knowing that it might be that God will grant this one repentance (IITim.2:25-26). This is true for oppossing believers as well as unbelievers. And for ourselves, we can beseech our Father for this wonderful gift and He will grant it. Just pray, beseech God, "Father, grant me repentance from...," you fill in the blank. This is neither the time nor the place for judging someone's salvation while they are in the midst of a great battle with their flesh; if they profess Christianity, address them as Christians...and firmly so (IITim.3:16-17).

"Repent" comes from the Greek word metanoia and as MacArthur puts it "does not mean simply being sorry for what we have done. It signifies a genuine change of mind, change of heart, and change of direction. It is for that reason that all genuine repentance must be the product of God's sovereign grace, just as is every aspect of salvation" (II Tim.2:25-26, p.102).

Repentance involves the senses and brings about a "genuine change of mind...and heart...and direction." The changed mind will inform the believer that this reigning sin we are dealing with is a sin against God, is not befitting of His children, His "saints," and brings so much pain that even as the adrenalin begins to flow at the thought of viewing filth we will be brought to our senses by God's gift and say to ourselves, "It's not worth it!" That is logical thinking; and logical thinking is the gift of God and God will do it; just ask Him, my ensnared brethren. You will love the freedom that repentance and exercised senses will bring. There will be a brief battle with each temptation. But with maturity the battles will become mere skirmishs out of which you will emerge the victor. As one's senses become exercised one's walk becomes more pure.

When God grants repentance, then and only then might one "come to his senses." And when that one comes to his/her senses, the Christian will realize as never before, voyeurism, the viewing of pornography with its accompanying activities, is an afront to the Holy Spirit and the accompanying load of guilt and shame make it so very not worth it. It is not worth it, my brethren.

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