Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Church Planting Fun

I know I've said this before in a blog, but church planting is HARD WORK! I know the conception among many is that church planting is glamorous, like being a rock star. But the truth of the matter is that those kinds of "church plants" are the exception, not the rule. Most of us, struggle day to day to gather enough of a core group to have something that resembles a launch (I am still in this process). There is the question of funding, money to pay your bills and money to help launch the church. The problem is that most people only invest in something the can already see. Well, that's the thing with planting a church...isn't it? When you plant something, like a literal plant for instance, you don't see the "plant" until much after it is planted. Does that make much freakin' sense? Well, it does to me, anyway. Week in and week out, praying that God would bring more people into your everyday lives and eventually to be a part of your new community of believers. It's straining on the planter and on his family. It's straining on the little core that wants so hard to believe that they see what the planter is saying he is seeing, but sometimes it just seems like they shouldn't get there hopes up. Sweat, blood, prayers, long nights, disappointments, people refusing to join because you don't have something for their kids, other people accusing you of being some weird, wacko cult because you meet in homes "for God's sake!"

So, why in the heck would anyone want to be a church planter? Why in the world would anyone subject themselves to this? One word. Jesus. Because Jesus is worth whatever trial or trouble we go through for the possibility of seeing a city transformed by the gospel. Jesus is worth being considered a fool by "church folks" for the sake of being faithful to the Bible as well as refusing to attack the culture in the name of Christianity. Why would anyone do this? Because He loves Jesus, any other reason is suicide and borderline insanity. Jesus really is worth it. Jesus' life and death as our substitute really does have infinite value. He really does rescue people from the wrath of God. Most churches have plateaued or are in steady decline. People aren't being introduced to the Savior. Maybe a better question is not why would anyone be a church planter? Maybe the question is why aren't you getting involved in a church plant?

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cary said...

If not for the planting, there will be no harvest!

Our prayers are with you, Scott. May the Lord bless your efforts and pour back an abundance on your team!