Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Danes slowly acquiesce: Will America follow this path?

Mosques are continually being erected in the U.S., with California leading this growth. And "small concessions" are continually being granted to Muslims who protest this or that in our nation. It is usually fear-based concessions that we witness, such as the radion station in Michigan that not only pulled its "offensive" program but subjected its employees to "diversity training" in order to placate the offended Muslim woman (wise move considering how Muslims often react to an offense). And in Virginia, 2 public schools have practically turned themselves over to CAIR in order to protect Muslim students from offensive classes.

If you have followed the growth of Islam in Europe, you know that Europe is quickly becoming Eurabia or Eurasia. The initimidation tactics of Islam are working throughout the West, with the U.S. the only nation that is not yet populated enough by Muslims to pose a serious threat. But with the liberal/leftists and the slow disappearance of true conservatives in our government, can we be far behind Europe.

Our Constitution demands that our government protect our citizens first and foremost. But the many small concessions occuring on our soil are eroding our lawful protection. And it is all being done under the guise of religious freedom. And no, not by Christians and Jews, but by our Muslim citizens. Some flakes who identify themselves as Christians do occassionally rise up and demand that our nation become a theocracy. But these folks are soon silenced by the very Constitution that protects us all from such idiocy.

And for those liberal/leftists/socialists and Christians who are offended by this blog I concede that not all American Muslims are involved in activities designed to overthrow our government. It's just that the ones who are involved are very involved, very vocal, very active and are getting the proverbial grease.

Here is an article all should read and heed. How much is freedom worth to you? And this just in.


cary said...

I concede that not all American Muslims are involved in activities designed to overthrow our government

These are apostate muslims, they are not following every dictate and creed sent down from their imamas; the cult of islam is full of hypocrites in that they allow their apostate members to continue living, in spite of directions in the koran to kill the Christian, the Jew, and the apostate.

"Moderate" muslims are muslims who have not committed an atrocity ... yet.

Johnny T. Helms said...

Good point, Cary. What we refer to as "cultural Muslims" would be considered apostate by moderates and fundamentalists. Those who have had the courage to actually assimilate into our culture are walking on dangerous ground.