Sunday, June 15, 2008

Some Brief Thoughts on Father's Day 2008

There are two things that I am more honored to be over all other things in this world. One, is to be Nikki's husband. The other is to be daddy to three rockin' kids! I really enjoy Father's Day for this reason, even though every day with my children is awesome, even days when we have our issues. But all in all, I had a bitter/sweet day today. I got to hang with my nephew and niece (5 and 3) who are spending their first Father's Day without their dad (my brother Brian). They are still too young to truly grasp what is going on, but it breaks my heart to know that as all of us get better at coping with life without Brian over the years that these two will see dealing with no daddy get harder and harder as they mature physically and in their ability to process emotions in their minds. No one this side of heaven knows why God allows certain things to happen, except we know He doesn't want us to waste these moments and use them to glorify His Son, Jesus. I pray that I will not waste the loss of my brother and use it to benefit God's kingdom and his precious two children. Hug your daddy if you haven't tonight. You really don't know if you'll have that opportunity again.

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