Friday, July 04, 2008

Freedom is never free: July 4th, 2008

There is within man, but not all men, a yearning to be free. Not to live in anarchy, but to live in a world where men are governed by laws that are just and fair and applied equally to all men. We lovers of freedom desire this for all men regardless of the color of their skin or their religion. To withhold freedom from anyone for any reason other than those deserving incarceration or death, is absurd. And in our great nation that has been and continues to be our heartbeat.

History has taught us, however, that not all men want freedom for all men. The insane are often the leaders in the fight against freedom, demanding freedom and prosperity for themselves and their families while enslaving their people in ignorance and poverty . And how they rise to power is a mystery when the evidence of their insanity is abundant.

The Caesars and Muhammed and Henry VIII and Hitler and Stalin and Mussolini and Lenin and Idi Amin and Mao and Castro and Chavez and Ahmadinejad and Hussein and Mugabe, to name a few, mesmerized their people to such a degree that they literally got away with and continue to get away with genocide. Their charisma explains only a small part of their success. How can an entire nation sit by and simply observe the atrocities these insane men perpetrate so freely? How can so many be so easily intimidated by so few?

Europeans at this moment are fighting for their very existence as their population dwindles amidst an increasing population explosion of Middle Eastern and African Muslim immigrants. The EU governments are bowing before the demands of these invaders citing the preservation of multiculturalism as their highest duty. Multiculturalism with its fallacious notion that all cultures are good and equal and free to do as their cultures want according to their own laws, is quickly bringing about the collapse of nations that were once truly free. Multiculturalism is the product of ignorant and spineless governments. What Adolf Hitler desired for Europe is now being realized by these invaders. And with the bombings in Spain and England claiming a relatively few lives, with a greater ease. The news today of the releasing on bail of a second terrorists in the UK demonstrates the power of intimidation, a liberal press, a cowardly populace and how quickly Europeans have forgotten what happened there less than 80 years ago. This article from Jihad Watch is very informing.

Since the founding of the United States of America, we have found it necessary to fight to preserve our freedom. Our founders declared independence from England and were challenged in war to win that freedom once and for all. The many wars we have been involved in since then have cost our nation hundreds of thousands in human lives, not to mention the lives of our enemies. And now as we face the same threat as our other western brothers and sisters we must take note of the cost of freedom and how easily that freedom can be taken away.

Will we forget as well? Have we forgotten already? The stench of VietNam is still in our air. But not all wars are "VietNam." VietNam was fought within VietNam. North VietNam only wanted South VietNam. The war on terror is world wide. Pretending that this is another "quagmire" just like VietNam is blinding the eyes of our leaders (the leftists/socialists/liberals) to the point that they appear to desire our defeat and are determined to bring that defeat swiftly. And all this in order to stay in office. All this in order to protect their little empires.

We are currently engaged in the most important war since WWII, universal in its scope, driven by the same madness, led by the same spirit. Will we have the same spirit that led the world to victory in 1945? Or will we rest on our laurels forgetting that freedom is never free.

With the upcoming elections in November we must keep in mind that our president is not a dictator and can only do what we and our Republic will allow. He does indeed have great power. But our Congress and our Republican form of government with its system of checks and balances guaranteed by our Constitution, working in cooperation with our president, can solve and resolve any differences our leaders may have. And if that doesn't work out for the best interests of our nation and we see our leaders capitulating to a power that is contrary to democracy and freedom, we can and must and will turn to our Constitution, demanding that our government protect its people from all enemies, abroad or within.

America will fight for its freedom and that of others as well. We will remember that freedom is never free.

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cary said...

Amen, Brother Helms!

And with that, a prayer that your Fourth is a solemn and joyous celebration.