Friday, August 29, 2008

OK, So Obama isn't a Muslim...But He May Be Postmodern

As I watched all of the speeches at the Democratic National Convention this week, I was amazed at the "religious" like atmosphere. It felt less like a political convention and more like a coronation. It is hard to remember an event during an election bringing so much excitement (though McCain has stolen some of the thunder with his announcement of his VP running mate in Sarah Palin).

It's no secret that I do not agree with most of Obama's policies. He is pro-abortion, which means that he is for the killing of innocent, unborn babies. This is not something I waiver on, so no ugly comments please. However, I am convinced now that the charge that Obama is a Muslim may be unwarranted. This is because after listening to his speech last night, I believe that he may in fact be a post-modern. In fact, one author likens him to early 20th Century Italy and calls him a "postmodern facist."

Post-modern thinking has at its center the idea that there is no such thing as absolute truth (and this is held absolutely, I might add). In a recent interview on homosexual marriage, I heard Obama say that he wouldn't do it, but people should be free to do what is right in their hearts. This is classic postmodernism. It elevates personal preference as the only gauge of what is right and wrong. Obama's belief in an individual's right to decide what is right or wrong is seen in this CBS report which points out Obama's support of California's same sex marriages.

Maybe this is why Oprah likes him so much. Maybe this is why he is so mysterious and so hard to nail down. Putting your finger on a postmodern is like nailing Jello to the wall. It can be done, but some always falls to the floor. No, America, Barack Obama may not be a Muslim, but what he might be isn't any better.

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