Monday, February 16, 2009

The Illusions of the "New Atheists"

For this post, I don't particularly care if one is religious or not, Christian or otherwise. I am a Christian and have been for 35 years. But I see within the recent resurgence of atheism a rather pitiful egregious lack of logic that the atheist strives so hard to claim as being exclusively his. He has succumbed to the New Age mantra of "peace and harmony" through humming and hand-holding and hopes this will eventually win out over the billion souls set on his destruction or his submission to their ideologies. It is the "Miss America" approach to world peace.

The infamous Rodney King uttered as he was being arrested for the second or third time in Los Angeles, "Why can't we just get along?" The atheist utters "Why can't we just get along without a god?" And with the exception of those Muslims and Christians who aggressively spread their religion, human beings could in fact live in peace with one another regardless of their faith or lack thereof ... in a fictitious parallel universe. It just ain't gonna happen.

Religion tends to be the "fly in the ointment," the "stick in the mud," the pesky "party pooper." It is blamed for starting more wars than George W. Bush. And since billions of earth-bound souls profess religion of some sort, it is a sticky fly pooper that puzzles and enrages those who embrace athesim, agnosticism and secularism. There has to be something better than god. And the new atheists are hell-bound to find what that something is. But until they can find a being superior to humans, they will continue in their frustration.

We humans will always be humans. And the source of the problem will not be also the remedy of the problem.The earth's population is approaching the 6 billion mark. It is more preposterous to believe that 6 billion people living on 7 continents can once and for all live in peace than it is to believe that God parted the waters and sent His Son to die for sinners. It is more likely that Jesus will come again than that that will happen.

I cannot explain how the airliner landed safely on the Hudson while 50 people were killed in the crash near Buffalo. I can't explain why my wife died of complications related to Lyme disease at the young age of 55. Or why my dad died at 53 and his buddies are still around after 39 years. I can't explain why Africa is "hell on earth" for millions of natives or why terrorists succeeded in the 9/11 attacks and almost 13,000 acts of terrorism since. But in all this my faith is not shaken, my faith in God, that is, not man. I can explain that.And as for the "joy" atheists find in their unbelief, it is not freedom they celebrate, it is the illusion of freedom.

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