Friday, July 24, 2009

Sin and the Dysfunctional Family, Part One

I've been studying Mark 6 this week with a focus on the account of Herod Antipas' execution of John the Baptist. I don't know if you've actually ever studied the family tree of the Herod's, but it is mind boggling. You don't get any more dysfunctional than the Herod's.

First, there was Herod the Great. You know about how he executed all of those boys in Bethlehem. But did you know he had five wives? Did you know that he married two women named Miramne? Did you know that he executed the first along with the two sons she had with him?

That brings us to Antipas. Herod Antipas didn't want to kill John the Baptist. In fact, he found him mildly interesting. Perhaps John was the only man Antipas ever met that didn't only tell him what he wanted to hear. But Herod Antipas was married (sort of) to a woman named Herodias (HEROD-ias). Yes, she was of the Herod family, too. You see, not only did Antipas leave his wife and steal the wife of his brother Phillip, Herodias was Antipas' niece. She was the daughter of his half brother, Aristobulus. Never heard of him? He was one of two of Herod the Great's sons that daddy executed along with mommy in the second paragraph of this blog.

The truth that God has amplified to me this week is this: sin is the cause of dysfunction in the family. The Herod's didn't need psycho-therapy, they needed repentance and forgiveness. We will explore this more in the next couple of posts.

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